Mission Statement

"Innovations, research and training in the filed of Biomedical applications of 3D Printing with international collaborations"

Executive Board

Dr. K.N. Sridhar, Director,
R&D Shankara Research Centre, Bangalore, INDIA.

Dr. K.N. Sridhar, FRCS (U.K) and FRCS (urol Canada) is a consultant urologist and also a researcher running a tissue Engineering unit and a molecular Biology unit in Bangalore. He has been involved in bringing cutting edge technologies to clinical application and encouraging clinicians to get involved in research.

Dr. L. Jyothish Kumar
Owner, RAPITECH Solutions Inc., Bangalore, INDIA

Dr. L. Jyothish Kumar, M.S (U.K), Rapid Product Development, Ph.D in Additive Manufacturing applications is an entrepreneur and researcher heading Additive Manufacturing Society of India and RAPITECH Solutions Inc., in Bangalore. He has been involved in the state-of-the art additive manufacturing technology application oriented research in aerospace, industrial and biomedical applications of 3D Printing.

Advisory Board

Prof. Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat
Biomedical Engineering Department, The Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Materials Research Institute, Penn State University, USA.

Bioprint biological tissues like bone, lungs and other organs for use as models in a variety of studies.