About Rapitech Solutions

The competitiveness of any manufacturing industry in the global market place is depended on new products to the market with reduced lead time. Following continued investment in technology and skills we provide the latest service for Rapid Prototyping from concept models to design verification models, fit and functional prototypes and low volume production.

RAPITECH Solutions Inc., with the state-of-the art Rapid Prototyping systems and extensive experience in materials is committed to support its customers to ensure that they gain maximum benefit from our services. 


Teamwork is the key success in today’s competitive business world. We have the best experts from Rapid Product Development Technology and alumni of Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Group, De Mont fort University, UK.

L. Jyothish Kumar, Founder & CEO. The drive to form RAPITECH Solutions Inc. came from a series of related Rapid Prototyping experiences and the founding academics. The Rapid Prototyping journey started with a master’s degree in Rapid Product Development from De Montfort University, UK, under the close mentorship of Prof. David Ian Wimpenny. His areas of specialisation includes Additive Manufacturing, Laser Metal Deposition Additive Manufacturing & Applications, Industrial Application of Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing- Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Industrial engineering etc., Advanced Materials for Additive Manufacturing.

Prior to that Mr. Kumar has served in the mechanical engineering industry’s different disciplines such as Quality Assurance, Marketing, Sales and Product Development in India and abroad. Mr. Kumar has specialized experience in Quality management Systems and Rapid Product Development which have been responsible in spearheading Rapitech Solutions Inc’s., efforts to streamline the business development operations for its customers.

Mr. Kumar brings credible experience and knowledge from his project work at RPMG, UK, association with other high scale (€9M) European Union funded projects with 33 other partners across Europe including Delcam Plc (UK), Materialise (Belgium) and Ducati (Italy), developing a new rapid prototyping process based on a combination of laser printing (electro photography) and Infra red sintering polymers.

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